Why Don’t I Talk ?

Why don’t I talk?

Because I am thinker not talker

Because I think before I speak

Because I love observing

Because I choose words wisely

Because I hate small talks

Because I am bad at expressing

Because I am slow to open up

Because I seek peace in chaos

Because I don’t seek approval from others

Because I seek true friendship instead of fake acquaintance

Because I hate to reveal

Because I am a mystery hard to solve

Because it’s my nature

Because it’s the way I am.

Hopefully the answer to the most asked question is out.

I wrote this one in a train journey when I was sitting silent in group of people.

Let me know your thoughts on this in comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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91 thoughts on “Why Don’t I Talk ?

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  1. I used to be like this back when I was in school. But a year into national service where I’m stuck in camp with my bunkmates 5 days a week, I learnt to talk more and share openly. Though perhaps I can only do so because we all can flame each other and ourselves all in good humour. I don’t think too deeply anymore because it usually gets quite depressing, I leave my thinking and serious self to write my blog and my stupid and immature self to interact with my friends around me. XD

    Although, when someone asks me a serious question, sometimes I end up replying quickly but talking to them a few days later about the same thing after thinking more about it.

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    When you learn to distinguish
    between what is truly good in poetry
    (especially your own)
    and what is – shall we say – not so good
    then you are almost there.

    The rest is just practice, daring,
    risk taking and self confidence.
    Satisfying yourself is the foundation.
    Rules are there to follow or break;
    pleasing others a welcome bonus.

    So leave the back door wide open
    and invite the Musey Lady in for a brew.
    She loves to take a load off.
    If she’s silent, it’s only ‘cos she’s thinking.
    She’s just observing, sipping her tea.

    – Ben Naga


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  3. ‘Because I hate to reveal’

    Absolutely true, this is relatable and the others things as well.
    The most important thing is spending time alone, you start observing others as well your own self.

    Beautifully written Sumeet!❤

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  4. Woahh! Biggg samepinch again. 😐 I don’t talk for pretty much the same reasons. Interesting how there are so many perspectives to one single question. Not talking doesn’t make us any less than others. Glad I came across this right now. ♥

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  5. Haha, don’t blame me naa. 😹😹 Start being different from me, and all problems will be solved. Warna fir be ready for more. ☺☺

    Yayy! Today, I’m going to spam your blog with comments. It’s my Sunday ka goal. Cheers! 🙆

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