The One Who Writes

The one who writes about "Loving yourself", can't stop hating himself. The one who writes about "Positive thinking", can't stop negative thoughts. The one who writes about "discipline", snoozes alarm every morning. The one who writes about "fitness", haven't worked out from a month. The one who writes about "mindfulness", haven't meditated from a month.... Continue Reading →


I miss

I miss I miss those endless chats I miss those weird nicknames we gave each other I miss those lame jokes we made I miss those pillow hugs which killed distance between us I miss those songs heard together I miss those nights turning into morning within blink of an eye I miss those nights... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Ex

To My Ex, Where do I start ? There are so many things which were left unsaid. There are so many feelings which remained unexpressed. Yes ,I have always been bad at expressing myself. And you know it too. It's been a long time since we talked. I hope you're happy . I hope you're... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Accidental Blogger

Hey , Accidental Blogger ! It's been two months since you were born. Out of nowhere as an accident. That's why you're called "Accidental Blogger". You are someone I always wanted to be. You've all the qualities I always dreamt of. You have Confidence , Optimism, Maturity , Communication skills , Writing abilities , Sense... Continue Reading →

I Felt Nothing !

Have you ever gone through a breakup? Did your Ex moved on so quickly after breakup ? And Have you seen your Ex partner happy with someone else? If Yes , then this blog is for you. Hello Everyone ! From above questions you might have guessed the topic of this blog post. It is... Continue Reading →

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