Hey guys! Recently I've changed my blog to self hosted blog. And I've migrated old posts & subscribers to new blog. But people are still following this (old)blog. Do not follow Here's my new blog address : Writing my heart out And I'm facing some issue on my new blog. Most of the... Continue Reading →


When You’re Stuck

Have you ever been stuck at same place? Where you lost motivation to move further? Where you can't stop overthinking? Where you couldn't find any way out? I'm sure you have. Actually I'm stuck right now at a same place where I can't see any way out. But don't worry , till the end of... Continue Reading →

Stop Being A Victim

"Why always me?" "Why everything goes wrong with me?" "Why everybody hurts me?" "Why everyone else's life is better than mine?" If you find yourself saying or thinking about above statements then this post is for you. Hello Everyone! Today, I'm going to talk about Victim mentality. It is a mentality of a person who... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t I Talk ?

Why don't I talk? Because I am thinker not talker Because I think before I speak Because I love observing Because I choose words wisely Because I hate small talks Because I am bad at expressing Because I am slow to open up Because I seek peace in chaos Because I don't seek approval from... Continue Reading →

How To Be Happy ?

Are you happy? Answer to this question will be like " Yes, I'm happy with my life" or "Umm.. Yeah , but I want to be more happy." or "Nope, My life sucks." But first let's understand what is Happiness. What Is Happiness ? Happiness is a feeling. Feeling of Joy, Satisfaction & Contentment. These... Continue Reading →

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